Services offered by business brokers

     Seller Benefits
   Value the business
   Proper terms & structure
Create marketing plans
   Screen & qualify buyers
   Negotiate sale
   Assist in closing

     Buyer Benefits
   Evaluate your goals
   Formulate acquisitions
   Locate candidates
   Evaluate candidates
   Negotiate purchase
   Assist in financing

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Providing Creative Solutions to Complex Business Transactions

Equity Financial Associates: is a full-service Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) firm. We specialize in the transition of ownership for privately-held companies; and we provide vital services directly and confidentially to the Seller. Regardless of your location, we can provide you with the professional services you need to successfully accomplish a business sale.   

Choose Equity Financial Associates: We offer a comprehensive suite of business brokerage services needed for conducting an M&A business transfer. Importantly, we offer our clients an Integrated Deal Solution SM that is unique in the industry: intermediary services, income tax consulting, business valuation analysis, real estate consulting, negotiations and/or negotiating support, and trusted advisory.

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  Who We Represent: We represent Sellers. Mergers, acquisitions, business sales, and business combinations (together, "M&A Transactions") of privately-owned companies are qualitatively different in virtually every respect from the larger traditional institutional brokerage transactions. Most notably, the active role of the buyer and seller in an M&A Transaction distinguishes these transactions from the purchase and sale of securities (i.e., stock) by funds and other investors for passive investment purposes, which are effected through the services of a registered securities broker-dealer. EFA provides services primarily to Sellers of smaller and mid-sized companies.


Cash-Out Smart (sm)
Seek the most cash, negotiate the best terms, and demand the greatest security.

You, as the business seller, have one ultimate objective: to Cash-Out Smart SM. Doing so properly requires leveraging a myriad of brokerage skills, the focus of which is to structure the best overall deal as it relates to cash, terms, and security. The most important matter the seller initially faces is the choice of a brokerage firm.

EFA’s background, experience, and acumen uniquely serve the interest of our seller/client. Our broad expertise is unique, allowing creative solutions to complex transactions.

Matter Designation

M&A Transaction Services Certified Business Intermediary, CBI (1)

Tax & Accounting Matters Certified Public Accountant, CPA (2)

Business Valuation Opinions Accredited in Business Valuation, ABV (3)

Real Estate Transfer Issues Licensed North Carolina Real Estate Broker (4)

(1) Charter Member of the Carolinas-Virginia Business Brokers Association; former member of the IBBA.
(2) Deloitte & Touche LLP; tax and audit departments.
(3) Accredited by the AICPA; valuation engagements from Agriculture to Zoos; expert trial testimony.
(4) NC Real Estate Commission; including evaluations of complex multistate real estate holding companies.

More often than not, a successful deal involves the integration of all of the above skills. Be concerned about using a broker with a weakness in one area that may seriously damage the seller’s overall deal transaction.

Price = Cash + Terms (sm)
Everyone understands Cash,
…watch out for the Terms!

“Leverage our expertise and deal creativity to your transaction advantage.”
- Christopher S. Whitener, Managing Director

About Negotiations:

An important first rule: you are always negotiating when you speak with a Buyer. They will tend to selectively recall anything that favors their bargaining position, so be careful.


In negotiation, "yes" is the worst word. It betrays fear of failure and a fear of losing the deal, and it primes you to please the other side, to compromise early and often, to come to a deal, any deal.

- Jim Camp; negotiations trainer and coach.



Exclusive Seller Representation
Manufacturing & Supply-Chain Expertise

Access to Private Equity Groups & Public Companies
Reduced Commission Rates to Qualifying Clients



About Us:

The Company

As an "M&A Broker", we are engaged in the business of effecting asset transactions solely in connection with the transfer of ownership and control of privately-held companies through the purchase, sale, or exchange of business assets to a buyer, who is typically actively involved in the subsequent operation of the company.

We are located in North Carolina. EFA provides a variety of business brokerage services to mid-sized companies, including privately-held corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and larger sole proprietorships.

Our financial and business background makes us a one-stop brokerage firm. Our suite of in-house services allows us to develop your blind business profile, discreetly market the availability of your entity, screen and qualify prospects, obtain buyer non-disclosure statements, and assist you with all aspects of the buying and selling process, including assisting your attorney with the buy-sell documents and closing matters. Our skills encompass accounting, taxation, valuation, and other specialty areas such as negotiations and real estate services.

M&A Services

Business brokerage utilizes key financial and economic attributes of the selling business to initiate the transaction process. The initial goal of the broker is to discreetly promote the availability of the business for acquisition and then to qualify prospective buyers. An objective of the brokerage process is to maintain confidentiality during the exchange of proprietary information. A successful sale integrates tactful negotiating, addresses relative tax positions, and leverages creative deal structuring into a transaction acceptable to the seller.


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